December 6, 2016

Your Support

How to bring your support to Al-Andalusia

Your support is appreciated and plays a very crucial role to further enable and ensure that this Deeni project is granted a greater success so that it can reach out and help more and more people.  Here are some ways that you can help and bring your support In Sha Allah:

  • Feedback We always welcome feedback, you can give suggestions and share advice. (


  • Economical support – Send in donations (link) to help Al-Andalusia grow in resources and generally develop itself.


  • Provide resources Also by providing different resources (i.e. electronics, studying materials, furnishing items etc…)


  • Volunteer – share some of your time to come and be a part of the organisation and that is very rewarding and with your bond of support it will garner strength to help the institution run smoothly.


  • Raise awareness – Even by simply sharing our project with others, by bringing it up in conversations or forwarding Al-Andalusia’s details, will help promote and bring people to benefit from and be a part of the organisation or aid it in one of the ways above.


  • Du’a (supplicating to Allah) –  this is the most important part we ask of you, we ask that you also make Du’a to Allah to grant this project every success for the objectives of Al-Andalusia, that they are achieved with sincerity and to enable it to be of utmost benefit for everyone that walks through its doors and is a part of it. May we all strive in a manner pleasing to Him and be rewarded in both abodes. aameen.


We all understand how greatly rewarding it is to help and be a part of a project like this, that seeks to bring support for those in need, offer the light of knowledge and generally improve the situation for the Muslim community in our homeland. Also to develop and deepen a stronger sense of unity for us all, as we are a part of a wider community all for the sake of Allah.

We are still at the very early stages in this project but very soon it is hoped that Al Andalusia will have the capacity to reach out to a much wider group of people offering larger and more comprehensive benefits and with Allah’s aid and our every effort alongside your support, together we pray to make this a reality with the blessings of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala.

If you are interested to be a part of this journey and help out and enable this project to grow, please contact us:

Brothers and sisters we are very excited to hear from you soon. Please keep us in your Du’a Wassalamualaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh from the Al-Andalusia team.

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