May 10, 2016

Al-Andalusia Edu

What is Al Andalusia Education?

Al Andalusia Education project was set up to revive the knowledge that has begun to disappear in Al Andalus this is evidently witnessed amongst the new generation of Spanish Muslims. They are the sons and daughters of Muslim migrants and Spanish converts. It is essential that we respond as promptly as possible to provide these generations the correct knowledge before such knowledge is entirely lost in the hearts. In Spain, it is very clear to see that there is an emptiness in this field and it is what Shaykh Mohammad Idrissi seeks to fill, bi tawfeeqillaah.

The project started in Seville, at the Al Andalusia Islamic Centre, and with the help of Allah, Shaykh Mohammad has the hope to reach out to the whole of the Muslim Community of Spain. The Al Andalusia Education project is not restricted to the young generation but aspires to fulfil all the needs of the wider general Muslim Community. Alhamdulillah one example is that there are many elderly women who with dedication have managed to learn to read the Quran as it should be, starting from the very first letter of ‘alif’ and what an achievement that is for them, this took place at the Al Andalusia IC.

Amongst the goals of Al Andalusia is also to change the image of Muslims that is being portrayed nowadays due to the actions of an ignorant few. This project is aiming to help highlight and promote the countless wonderful outcomes that the Muslim community is offering and has to offer. Spain in and of itself according to history attests to such a reality of its Islamic roots, from research one can find how deep these roots are and what greatness they brought to the country sprouting through Spanish culture and in its surroundings.  For this reason, Al Andalusia for Humanity was founded, to promote the volunteer work in the Muslim community that results in bringing a benefit to society as a whole. So let’s, as a community awaken the essence of Islam within our own lives and also collectively together by the mercy of Allah.

Alhamdulillah, for this purpose, Sh. Mohammad Idrissi has design a method, ‘Al Qurtubia’. It is an essential handbook equipping the one who reads it with the necessary support and guidance that is needed in order to learn and understand Quranic Arabic, right from the very basics.  The guide contains the obligatory Tajweed rules which are not known by many.

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