May 10, 2016

Al-Andalusia Edu

What is Al Andalusia Education?

Al-Andalusia Education is an organisation that was set up to revive the legacy of knowledge and spirituality that once existed in Al-Andalus.

Today we have a growing Muslim Community in Spain but is evidently witnessed amongst the new generation of Spanish Muslims that they don´t have the basic knowledge to protect their imaan. They are the sons and daughters of Muslim migrants and Spanish converts.

It is essential that we respond as promptly as possible to provide these generations the correct knowledge before such knowledge is entirely lost in the hearts. In Spain, it is very clear to see that there is an emptiness in this field and it is what Al-Andalusia Education seeks to fill, by the will of Allah.

The project started in Seville, at the Al-Andalusia Islamic Centre, and with the help of Allah, Shaykh Mohammad has the hope to reach out to the whole of the Muslim Community of Spain and South America. The Al-Andalusia Education project is not restricted to the young generation but aspires to fulfil all the needs of the wider general Muslim Community.

Amongst the goals of Al-Andalusia is also to change the image of Muslims that is being portrayed nowadays due to the actions of an ignorant few. This project is aiming to help highlight and promote the countless wonderful outcomes that the Muslim community had offered, is offering and has to offer to humanity and the world.

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Al-Andalusia Education, Seville (Islamic Studies Competition)

Our Story

When Sh. Mohammad Idrissi completed his studies in 2013 at the Institute of Islamic Education at Dewsbury in the UK, returned to Spain with the intention of setting up a project to establish all the good work he had witnessed and was taken place in the UK.

After renting a place next to the local Masjid, Sh. Mohammad Idrissi opened what is until today the only independent Islamic Education Center in Spain. Alhamdulillah Spain has now many masjids but only few of them have some kind of ta’leem taking place one or two days a week, mainly focused on learning Arabic or just reading the Quran, without having in consideration the importance of Islamic Studies to protect the imaan of the students.

After five years of experience and hard work, Al-Andalusia is now preparing to reach to the Muslim Spanish speaking community around the world which is in a desperate state of need for Islamic Education.


Sh. Mohammad Idrissi and Sh. Zahir Mahmud


What we do?

Right now Al-Andalusia has an educational centre in Seville where about 100 students of all ages are studying Arabic, Coran and Islamic Studies such as: Aqidah, Fiqh, Sirah, Tarikh, Duas and Adhkar. We also are currently working in two different masjids, one in Seville and other one in Huelva, teaching and empowering the community.

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Al-Andalusia Education, Seville

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Rociana, Huelva (second branch)

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Bellavista, Sevilla (third branch)

Our mission is to reach as far as possible in Spain and South America

Our purpose is to make the madrasa a place loved by the students and where they fill attached to it. For this reason, we also participate with the students in football tournaments, take them for retreats and try as much as possible to get them involved in the social work that takes place in the areas they live in.

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Winners of a local football tournament


How we do it?

We need as soon as possible to get all the resources and material the Muslim Spanish speaking community needs to protect their iman.

For this reason, we have prepared a group of teachers made of Ulama, university and school teachers to make the first Muslim Arabic-Spanish syllabus for students from 4 years old to 16 years old, insha Allah.

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Some of the books we have prepared for Islamic Studies in Spanish

We are also preparing active youngsters to be the next teachers and community leaders to make this project go as far as possible, insha Allah.

We are designing an app for those who we can’t reach at the moment and getting active in the social media so everyone has the opportunity to learn about the basics of Islam.

Why are we doing it?

We are doing all this work to make the Muslim community, specially kids and youngsters, feel the importance of Islam in their lives, protect their imaan and make them feel they are important in society and are responsible to try to make this world a better place.

Historical facts

Nowadays we have many people coming around the world to see the Islamic heritage that Muslims left in these lands but don´t think about how they could help the growing Muslim community to flourish in knowledge and spiritually and try to revive that amazing legacy.

How can you help?

You can help by many ways.

First of all we need your duas and concern, and to contribute financially until the community itself can stand in their feet insha Allah.

We are in our first steps of a such important project, and if you do help now you will get the reward for all the good is there to come insha Allah.

Remember that if you can’t do it yourself, you could know about people who may be willing to support this project and you will get the reward for sharing it with them.


The trustees of Al-Andalusia Foundation, which has been registered in the UK to support financially with al these projects, are all Ulama that spend seven years studying with Sh. Mohammad Idrissi in the same class and had the same concern to make a difference for the Muslim Spanish speaking community.

Ml Burhan Uddin, London

Ml Shuaib Patel, Dewsbury

Ml Farhaan Adam, Dewsbury

Ml Haroon Butt, Nottingham

Ml Yusuf Ali, London



Current Projects

Buy the current building where the Al-Andalusia Education Centre is and a building right next to it. All together is an area of 700 m2 for the price of 210,000€.

Provide a team to complete the syllabus in Spanish for children from 4 years old to 16 years old in one year insha Allah. 5,050€ monthly.

Create an app to reach as many children as possible and connect them for the reason of learning to read the Quran correctly. 7,000€

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